Alexander Pichlmayr

About me: would you like to know more about me and the story that leads a true Bavarian to move to the Costa Blanca in Spain?

About Alexander Pichlmayr

Your real estate agent for buying and selling property on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Alexander Pichlmayr, and I am your professional real estate consultant for buying and selling property on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Would you like to know more about me and the story that leads a true Bavarian to move to the Costa Blanca?

I come from Bavaria, a federal state in south-eastern Germany, and for family reasons I moved from the city of Munich to Spain more than twenty years ago in 1997 with the aim of building a new life here.

Why choose the Costa Blanca?
I like the relaxed lifestyle of the Spanish people, their welcoming nature, and the temperate Mediterranean climate and the warmth that radiates everywhere. The landscape is incredibly beautiful with its sharp contrasts between pure white beaches and the vibrant blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea. Every place has its own unique and personal charm.

So how did I find myself working in the Costa Blanca real estate business?
I joined the industry in 2003 at a reputable estate agency where I spent many years in a senior position. During this time, I attended numerous seminars and intensive training courses, and in 2006 attained my Diploma as a certified real estate professional.

At the peak of the Spanish financial crisis in 2009, I founded my family business “Inmo Investments”. We started at perhaps one of the toughest times in modern history and faced adverse conditions during those early years, yet we still made our mark becoming one of the industry’s leading lights. At the time, I was the youngest estate agent in the region – and today one of the most reputable and successful.

Why is the real estate business your ideal job?
I love to work with people, socialise, make friends … and sell property. Every sale and purchase has its own story to tell. Each house is different and owners, both old and new, introduce their very own personality.

As a native German living in Spain, I am the perfect contact person for my customers from Germany. With more than two decades of experience of life in Spain, I know every possible stumbling block, I know how to deal effectively with authorities and their notorious red tape, and how to deal with everything reliably and in a stress-free manner.

As a well-established real estate company with an impeccable heritage, we are exceptionally well known and locally respected – and that’s a huge advantage, especially for my customers.

Over the years I have been repeatedly called upon to assist with the production of specialist real estate television programmes, in my position as a qualified and recognised professional.

Chosen for my specific and significant experience and knowledge of both the local area, and the real estate market, I have appeared on the UK’s iconic overseas property show “A Place in the Sun”, and most recently featured on the popular German TV series “Mein Traumhaus am Meer” produced by the VOX network.

Do you do it all by yourself?
No, in today’s’ world that’s just not possible. Our property portfolio typically encompasses around 1,000 properties, and it is of paramount importance to me that my clients are assured a very personal and exclusive service around the clock and at every part of the sales process.

And that service starts from the point of initial contact, throughout the handling of the sales or purchase process, professional consultation and the procurement of all necessary documents, up to completion and handing over the keys – and even offering a full suite of personal after-sales services that extend customer support post completion.

I have assembled a small but close team of loyal and trusted employees, each one a highly skilled and experienced specialist in their field. Together, we speak more than 8 languages and can serve the needs of almost any overseas customer in their native language.

In addition, I was lucky enough to meet my wife right here in Spain, and Denisse works tirelessly and with great dedication behind the scenes to ensure that all aspects of our business are comprehensively attended to. Behind every great man is a great woman, and without Denisse’s invaluable support our company simply would not be in the enviable position it holds today.

How do you see the future?
From north to south, the Costa Blanca is fast becoming one of the more prestigious European addresses, and one of the most sought-after locations in Spain.

The low cost of living, the rich cultural and social lifestyle, the vast choice of beautiful locations, and the diverse selection of magnificent properties in safe neighbourhoods are magnetically attracting more and more overseas buyers.

Property prices are still excellent value when compared with most parts of Mediterranean Europe, and the Costa Blanca offers a cost-effective alternative to Mallorca.