A PLACE IN THE SUN has graced UK TV screens for 21 years. First broadcast at the turn of the millennium back in 2000, the show has garnered an enviable reputation as a source of inspiration for a generation of British overseas property hunters, dreamers, and travel addicts.

Often considered a cultural and lifestyle icon, over the past two decades the A Place in the Sun show has racked up more than 1.000 episodes and visited some of the most popular travel destinations in Southern Europe.

The television programme has led to popular spin-off series including “A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun”, “A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?”, and “A Place in the Sun: By the Sea”.

Filmed entirely on location, the A Place in the Sun film crew have made a name for themselves by bringing sun-soaked Mediterranean locations from Southern Europe to British TV screens. But diverse locations such as Slovenia, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and even Cape Verde have sometimes been showcased over the years.

A Place in the Sun Channel 4 TV show

A Place in the Sun, Channel 4’s iconic British lifestyle TV show

Every episode of the programme shows a British couple wishing to buy a property in a sunny oversea location. A presenter shows three to five properties within their stated budget found by the show’s researchers. Typically, the presenter gives the couple useful local information relating to buying, running and maintaining a property in this particular location.

After viewing each property the couple are asked for their opinions. At the end of the show they are asked if they have a favourite property and viewers are finally told if they proceeded to buy a property, or whether they continue their search in another region of the country.

Originally presented by Amanda Lamb, the show has attracted an array of British acting talent over past two decades, and today A Place in the Sun is presented by a new generation of professional presenters including Jasmine Harman, Lee Juggurnauth, Leah Charles-King, and international property expert, Laura Hamilton.

Over the years A Place in the Sun has inspired thousands of Brits to take the plunge and buy a property abroad, and the show’s popularity has proven remarkably bulletproof despite the ravages of a global pandemic and the UK’s departure from the European Union.

A Place in the Sun Channel 4 TV show

The TV programme that inspired a generation to live abroad

Today, A Place in the Sun is still a TV show which comes up during conversations with my British clients. It has motivated many to take the first step and make contact with my team in Spain, and I have had many buyers contacting me about properties in areas they have seen on the show.

Show researchers contact local estate agents in the area to be featured in each programme before filming begins, and over the years Inmo Investments have often been called upon to provide suitable properties for inclusion.

This week is no exception, and some of most exclusive and luxurious properties feature in this weeks broadcasts. Filming originally took place in September this year on location in Orihuela Costa, in both Villamartin and La Zenia.

Catch A Place in the Sun in Villamartin on Monday 29th November 2021, and in La Zenia later next week on Wednesday 1st December. The programme starts at 16:00 in the UK on Channel 4.

Would you like to see more of this luxury beach villa in La Zenia, featured in this week’s A Place in the Sun show? Just follow this link to view details of this stunning home, available for sale and on the market right now.

Photo credit: Alexander Pichlmayr